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Where we create an inspiring, challenging, and supportive environment where students are encouraged and assisted in reaching their highest potential.

School Committee

Westerly School Committee

Seven members are elected at large to serve a term of four years and until each one's successor is elected and qualified. Members shall be elected in staggered fashion and no member shall serve more than two consecutive terms.

Mission Statement

To create an inspiring, challenging, and supportive environment where students are encouraged and assisted in reaching their highest potential.

Core Beliefs

The core belief of Westerly Public Schools is all children can learn. It is our responsibility to assist in fostering a community of lifelong learners with our students at its center. As educators, we know all children can achieve at high levels when provided with opportunities, sustenance, high expectations, and proper supports both in school and at home. As a learning community culture we strive to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills, to inspire creativity, and encourage risk taking among students and staff. We recognize that all children are unique and it is our responsibility to provide multiple pathways to success for our students and their families. Our staff is our most important resource and to provide for the best education of our students we are committed to developing their skill and ability.


  • Support Excellence in Student Performance
  • Recruit, Retain and Develop High Quality Staff
  • Fully Engage Parents and Community
  • Improve and Maintain Westerly School Facilities
  • Develop and Implement a Comprehensive Financial Strategy

Public Forums

The Westerly School Committee affords the widest latitude to the citizens of the district in the exercise of the right of free speech to present to the committee matters of public concern. A citizen will be permitted to present his/her comments or questions in reference to a matter not identified for review by the Committee in any other agenda item to the committee during the portion of the agenda noted as “Open Forum”. (See WPS Policy #1032)


A majority (4) of the entire committee will constitute a quorum. In the absence of the Chair, Vice-Chair and Clerk a temporary Chair shall be elected. In the absence of a quorum the only business allowed is to take measures to obtain a quorum, fix a time to adjourn, or take a recess.

Executive Session

By a majority vote at an open meeting (RIGL 42-46-4), the Westerly School Committee may call a closed meeting as specified by the Rhode Island Open Meetings Act (RIGL 42-46-5). The reason for closing a meeting to Executive Session and the vote of each member on a motion to convene in Closed Session must be recorded in the Open Meeting Minutes.


Written notice of the dates, times and places of regularly scheduled meetings shall be established at the beginning of each calendar year. As specified by the Rhode Island Open Meetings Act (RIGL 42-46-6), public notice of the agenda will be made available at least 48 hours before scheduled meeting to the press, the staff and community. Notice of the meeting and agenda will be posted in the Town Hall and all public schools under the Committee’s jurisdiction. Notice of meetings and agenda shall be posted on the website of Westerly Public Schools and filed electronically with the Office of Rhode Island Secretary of the State.

Westerly School Committee By-Laws

Superintendent Goals

Live and Recorded Meetings

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