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Where we create an inspiring, challenging, and supportive environment where students are encouraged and assisted in reaching their highest potential.

District Digital Backpack

Community Resources


Westerly Public Schools supports many local, non-profit community partners by allowing the limited posting of select information. The district retains the right to approve or deny any materials requested for posting on the digital backpack. The district will only consider requests from non-profit organizations that provide youth-oriented activities and/or programs with an educational value to the student and/or school. All content and/or websites posted to the digital backpack must be ADA compliant. The district will review and approve information intended for Westerly Public Schools digital backpack.  


Each entity wishing to post to the digital backpack must guarantee that the activity or program being offered is not for profit and if there is a charge, scholarships or reduced rates are available based on need.  All content and/or websites posted to the digital backpack must be ADA compliant.  If approved, the requestor will receive an email reply stating said approval.


Upon approval, Westerly Public Schools will post the information on the digital backpack. Westerly Public Schools will not approve postings from for-profit businesses and religious institutions or involving campaign/political views or literature that does not directly affect and/or benefit students, faculty and/or staff. To request approval, e-mail information to: